Minor Arpeggios

Let´s start with 2 strings minor arpeggios. A minor chord or arpeggio has a root, a minor 3rd and a perfect 5th. This example is in A minor, so the notes would be A, C and E… Since we have 3 notes, there will be 3 different positions that we will name inversions. So we have the root position, the 1st inversion and the 2nd inversion. In a diatonic minor scale we have minor arpeggios starting in the I, IV and V degrees, modes eolian, dorian and phrygian, respectively.

Another thing that we have to take care of is how we play these arpeggios.

Ok, let´s take a look at our first video. I´m going to play each example in 3 speeds. Slow, medium tempo and fast.

Now I´m going to show you the same arpeggios but using 3 strings. Notice the use of the sweep picking technique and also the pull off note. Check out the video!

So now, let´s see a 5 strings arpeggio. This is a basic shape played with two different techniques, alternate picking and sweep picking. In the 2nd arpeggio I also add a pull off…

Let´s take a look at another way of playing a 5 string minor arpeggio. This is commonly used by all the shredders of the 80s, like Yngwie Malmsteen and Jason Becker.

And this is a 6 strings A minor arpeggio. Again I´m using two picking techniques…