Arpeggios with 7th : Minors 7th b5

Now let´s start with some minor 7th flat 5 arpeggios or m7b5. Basically, it´s a minor 7th chord with a flat 5th. So it´d be root, minor 3rd, flat 5th and a minor 7th. In a major diatonic scale this chord or arpeggio is the VII degree, locrian mode. And the II degree in a diatonic or natural minor scale.

The first example is an Em7b5 arpeggio played in two strings, so the notes are E, G, Bb and D. Check it out!

The next one is a 3 string Em7b5 arpeggio with some hammer on and pull off…

Let´s continue with a 5 string Am7b5 arpeggio. This is one of the most common shapes…

Here´s the arpeggio commonly used for shredding. It´s an Am7b5 starting on the 12th fret with some cool hammers on and pulls off

And here we have the last 6 string Am7b5.