Arpeggios with 7th : Minors

Let´s add a 7th to our arpeggios, so let´s start with minor 7th arpeggios. Basically, it´s a minor chord with a minor 7th note.

So it´d be root, minor 3rd, perfect 5th and a minor 7th.

Our 1st example is an E minor arpeggio played in two strings, then the notes are E, G, B and D. Check it out!

The next one is a 3 string E minor 7. Notice the use of hammer on and pull off…

Let´s continue with a 5 string E minor 7th arpeggio. This is one of the most common shapes…

The next arpeggios are usually used for shredding. Players like Vinnie Moore and Tony Mcalpine have made history with these kind of licks… Have fun!

And the last minor 7th is a 6 string arpeggio in B minor.