Basic licks with arpeggios

In this last section we will learn some licks. So first of all, what is a lick? A lick is combination of notes. They frequently are based out of scales or arpeggios/chords and used often.

So getting back to our subject, I will teach you 5 pretty basic licks using mainly arpeggios with 7th and pentatonics scales in the key of D minor. Ok, let´s see the first one, it uses a Dm7 arpeggio and also I´m using the sweep picking technique…

Here´s the 2nd lick. In this one I use a flat 5th and a major 6th which give us a dorian sound. This is commonly used in a blues context… Enjoy it!

Here´s the 3rd lick. It starts with a minor pentatonic and it ends with a D minor arpeggio. It works great over a D dorian vamp or chord progression…

In the 4th lick I use the natural A minor scale. It starts with some notes of the scale and it ends with an D minor arpeggio.

We can make it sounds more interesting if we play it over a Gm7 chord. This way we are creating a D dorian add 9th arpeggio. .

And here´s the last lick, it´s a cool Dm7 arpeggio with the add of a flat 5th note. Try it over a Dm7 chord, but also over a Gm7 for getting a more insteresting sound…

Ok, this is the last video of the course, it´s a little improvisation using the basic licks over a backing track. Hope you like it!

That´s all for now! Hope it helps with your playing and also you can add all this stuff in your own solos and improvisations.

And remember to practice all the example very slow at first and one at a time. Then try to increase the speed and eventually incorporate them to your own playing…

Good luck!


Silvio Gazquez.