Arpeggios with 7th : Dominant

The next ones are Dominant 7th arpeggios, basically a straight dominant arpeggio or chord is a major chord with a minor 7th note. So the structure would be root, major 3rd, perfect 5th and a minor 7th. In a diatonic major scale we have a dominant arpeggio starting in the V degree, mixolydian mode. In a diatonic minor scale we have dominant arpeggios on the VII degree, mixolydian mode. But also, it´s common to have a dominant chord or arpeggio in the 5th degree, a phrygian major mode.

The 1st example is an E dominant arpeggio played in two strings, so the notes are E, G#, B and D.

The next one is a 3 string E dominant or E7. Notice the use of hammer on and pull off…

Let´s continue with a common shape of a 5 string E7 arpeggio.

Let´s continue with the next arpeggios which are usually used for shredding… Have fun!

Here´s a 6 string dominant 7th arpeggio in E.