Arpeggios with 7th : Diminished

Now let´s take a look at some diminished arpeggios. Basically, it´s a minor 7th chord with a flat 5th and a diminished 7th. So it´d be root, minor 3rd, flat 5th and a diminished 7th. This chord/arpeggio comes from the harmonic minor scale harmony. It´s the VII degree, super locrian diminished mode.

The first example is an A diminished arpeggio played in two strings. Also written as A dim or Aº, so the notes are A, C, Eb and Gb.

The next one is a 3 string Aº arpeggio. Enjoy…

Let´s continue with a 4 string Aº arpeggio.

Here´s a Dº arpeggio commonly used for shredding. This kind of shapes are used for the best neoclassical guitarists like Jason Becker or George Bellas. Have fun!

And here we have the last 6 string diminshed arpeggio, in this case a Fº .