Hi there, I´m Silvio Gazquez from Argentina. In this course I´m going to cover the most commonly used diatonics arpeggios all over the fretboard. Of course there are hundreds of shapes and ways of playing arpeggios, but that exceed this course, the idea is to teach you the main ones and techniques for soloing.

I´ve made 3 sections, the first one is called `Arpeggios´, where I will teach you minors, majors, 7th and diminished arpeggios.

The second segment is called `Excersices´. Here I will teach you some cool exercises with different shapes and techniques.

And the third and last section is called `Licks´. Here I will teach you some basic licks using arpeggios in a musical context.

So, what is an arpeggio? An arpeggio is basically a chord that is played one note at a time, in sequence. And for playing those arpeggios we will use different techniques, like alternate and sweep picking, legato (hammers on and pulls off), tapping, etc.

When we improvise we use arpeggios to clearly outline the underlying chord changes in a song. By playing the chord tones in your guitar solo you reflect the harmony of the tune in your solo, this makes your improvisation more interesting to listen to.

Ok, so I will teach you the main arpeggios, like minors, majors, then we will add a 7th to our arpeggios. So this way we have minor 7th, major 7th, Dominant 7th, minor 7th b5 and diminished.

1. Minor Arpeggios
2. Major Arpeggios
3. Arpeggios with 7th : Minors
4. Arpeggios with 7th : Majors
5. Arpeggios with 7th : Dominant
6. Arpeggios with 7th : Minors 7th b5
7. Arpeggios with 7th : Diminished

In this segment I came up with another 4 sections. The first one will be exercises with 2 strings arpeggios, the 2nd section with 3 strings, the 3rd with 5 strings and the last one with 6 strings.

1. 2 Strings Arpeggios
2. 3 Strings Arpeggios
3. 5 Strings Arpeggios
4. 6 Strings Arpeggios

In this last section we will learn some licks. So first of all, what is a lick? A lick is combination of notes. They frequently are based out of scales or arpeggios/chords and used often.

So getting back to our subject, I will teach you 5 pretty basic licks using mainly arpeggios with 7th and pentatonics scales in the key of D minor.

1. Licks