Pentatonic Blues Guitar Licks

brooks 7

Get Ready for “Mississippi Blues and Beyond”,
which will be released on Wednesday Feb 26!

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Wavatar erik johnson

Real nice take on blues. Great voicings. A back road not taken by the usual suspects. Extremely soulful and original. ej

Wavatar Paul

V-e-r-y nice playing….. I play OK in my own way, and have been playing for nigh fifty years – yet I still hear new melodic ideas from people – and this is great…. Inspiring… and I shall be working on this…

Wavatar Rod Woolley

Boy, I wish I could play like that! What a great sound!
Anyone recognize the guitar he is playing?

Wavatar Mike Malone

No. What is it??

Wavatar Doc

Its an Eastman.

Wavatar jstin

I like it the way he breaks the cords down and them how to use which lead lick goes by really makin it simple by showing you how to take each lead lick and put it together with the cord.

Wavatar David Dewille

Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! The good old blues, love the pentatonic scales..can’t play like I use to..but still love playing the blues. Keep the lessons comming my friend. Rock on!!!!!!!!!!!

Wavatar Dave Sasser

Thanks for sharing this with me. Sounds real good

Wavatar Ken Lovan

Very nice licks. reminds me of BB King, one of my favorite Blues Artists. Thanks.
Ken Jax Beach, FL

Wavatar rockonwood

hell, i could play that in my sleep…well i guess that’s actually where i do play it. now if i could just do it when i’m awake. seemed like you had enough people buttering your toast…i can butcher some mean jam myself, your awesome friend, thanks. ” I like to rock hard and roll easy, a little too wild with just a pinch of sleazy”

Wavatar Jeff Davis

Look up what a lot of players call the “Voodoo” modified blues scale. You will see these notes. Sounds cool. Thanks

Wavatar Brian

Nice little change up on the Em. Simple little thing but makes the basic scale so much more interesting. As always, the feeling you put in to the blues makes all the difference to the sound you get out.

Cheers 🙂

Wavatar roy

great info for enhancing your skills to inprov. waiting for 26th.

Wavatar Don

dud ur aosm get back to work Ill defintly get ur dvd

Wavatar Krzysztof Chmiel

Very useful and with brilliant technique this pentatonic blues guitar licks.

Wavatar Cesar

That was nice and cool, I’ve yet got to learn all those runs and put them together. Thanks