Country Guitar lick

Hey, how’s it going? My name is John McClennan
and I’m here today with Guitar Control bringing
you this lesson. I hope you guys are having a
great week. I wanted to get into a little bit
of country playing.

I was playing over this tune this week called
“Limehouse Blues” and there’s a recording with
Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed that’s great. But I
was using this chord lick right over the first
chord in the song. This chord is C-7. So if
you’ve got this kind of feel you’re going to
start way up here on the 12th fret, do a little
half-step bend and I’m just thinking about this
sort of C-7 triad here. And then you come down
here to the 10th, 11th. And then now I’m thinking
about playing off this C-7 chord. Again, the
half-step bend so the frets here are going to
be 8, 10, 9, bend up a half step and then come
back down. That’s the first half of the lick.

And then the next phrase goes… Which is just a
very country sounding lick. I’m starting on the
root, which would be the 10th fret: 10, 7, 8,
slide to 9, 8, 10, 8, 7, 10. So it just sort of
goes up and comes back down. Again, I’m outlining
the C-7 chord. So when you’re working on a lick,
whenever you can, try and grab a chord voicing
so that you associate the two of them.

Again, the whole lick is, slowly.

Be sure to click the link below for the tabs and
we’ll see you in the next video.

Thank you so much for watching.

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Wavatar oeblio

Nice lick! How about a Giant Step lick?

Wavatar jim habash

Very tasty little lick lesson so nice!

Wavatar bartman

Thanks for the lesson, sounds good. Except for that twank sound…dude, dress your frets!!! You have a couple of notes that make me cringe!! Anyway, the is cool!

Wavatar MarkJM

That’s what a Telecaster sounds like – they’re supposed to “twang”, that’s why 80% of country players use them.

Wavatar jstin

I like it and the price is write!

Wavatar jackblasio

nice little ending w/major ascending, then minor descending…trademark country-blues-type deal….

Wavatar jeff

very nice i needed that!!!!

Wavatar Jim

Nice lick end of story. You people that think it’s OK to go on about dressing frets etc, you obviously need more stimulus in your life if that’s all you’ve got to say. I suggest you get of the internet and get into the real world for a bit.

Wavatar Todd Zila

+1 Jim… Some people are funny!

Wavatar GARY

thats good country love chet atkins look for more

Wavatar Mike

Nice lick, thanks. I sometimes need a wee bit of a shove to explore more things like this. makes sense, nice bends, can’t play it fast yet but it’s quite tasty.

Wavatar MarkJM

Nice lick – I like throwing those country-fried licks into up-tempo blues. Gives it a Steve Gaines type feel. Very cool.

Wavatar Terry

Well done with the bends and the finger work, I am sure that Chet and Jerry are proud. ” Thank You “