Guitar Lesson for No Woman no Cry by Bob Marley!

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please enjoy today’s lesson and get ready for tomorrow

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Reggae Guitar Lesson – How to Play No Woman no Cry by Bob Marley

Hey, guys. It’s Claude Johnson here from
I hope you’re doing well today.

You know, tomorrow is a special day because we’re
releasing our first ever reggae guitar course.
It’s called Reggae Roots Guitar Secrets and it’s
from Steve Golding who is a Jamaican legend, in my
opinion. He’s toured with Bob Marley, played with
Peter Tosh and because we’re in the reggae theme,
I thought I’d take a minute to show you one of my
favorite Bob tunes. It’s called “No Woman No Cry”.

Before I jump right in, let me just give you the link
for tomorrow’s release. It’s
So go ahead and check that out. Let’s just jump right
into the lesson now.

We’ll start with the verse and we’ve just got some real
basic chords here. We’ve got a C, G, A minor and F. These
are all pretty much basic, open position chords. If you’re
not familiar with that, please check out my beginner course.
It’s at But basically it’s just
open chords. A minor and then your F. You can either do this
one where I’m barring the first two strings with this finger,
playing four strings. Or you can do a full major barre chord
with six strings.

The strum is going to be like — it’s just like a four-count
strum. Actually, I’m doing it with a little pick-up before
I go from the C to the G. Now, when I go from the A minor
to the F, I’m actually going a full beat ahead. So the best
way to explain this is if I were to count like four beats
per chord it would be like: one, two, three, four; one, two,
three, four; one, two, three, four. So on that A minor, when
I land on the four I actually switch chords and then play
another full bar of F. So once again: one, two, three, four;
one, two, three, four; one, two, three, four. If you want
to add the lyrics… That’s basically the whole verse.
It just keeps repeating.

Now, the chorus, it’s the same thing except you’re going
to add C, F, C at the end. So… And then G. You can add
that little melodic line. So we have… I’ll show you that
in a second. But just to show you how it fits together
with the chorus, it’s like… Okay?

What we’re doing here — so I’ve got G on the low E
string 3rd fret, and then I have open A string, 2nd
fret A string and then back to the G. Okay? What I do
is I strum it and go into that little lick. So once
again, C, F, C, G and then right back to the C, G, A
minor, F. So that’s pretty much it.

All right, so I hope you enjoyed that lesson and remember,
just go to because tomorrow we’re
releasing Reggae Roots Guitar Secrets with Steve Golding.
It’s going to be an awesome course. So check it out, and I’ll catch you next time.

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Wavatar Countryloic

allways clear. allways near us. thanks a lot from France.

Wavatar Brian

Hey Claude…your doing a great job…very much enjoy your videos.
I’m slowly improving 😉
Just wanted to offer a little ‘constructive’ criticism I notice on many of your videos (this one included) that it sounds like you are recording it from your …bathroom… or perhaps a large empty storage shed.
…. so easy to ‘warm up’ that sound by dropping some acoustic material…blankets…furniture …anything that might take that hollow sound…. away from your beautiful music!

Wavatar Alan

Great lesson again I like this and have seen covers of it on YouTube
Very cool Claude keep up the good work 😉 thanks

Wavatar mississippi

Nice lesson, thanks.

Wavatar Alan

Cool lesson I like this song and seen some covers on YouTube
Keep up the good work 🙂 Thanks Claude

Wavatar roger r..............

hey the regge.thanks.

Wavatar natano

A little trivia for ya,
No woman no cry means if you don’t land a good woman you won’t hear any cry around. That’s what Jamaicans call babies. No woman, no progeny dudes.

Wavatar Lanakila

For those of us who like to play along with the lesson, could you please take a moment to help me tune to your guitar by giving me an E string to match? I can take it from there; playing along with you really helps me.
Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

Wavatar Michael

Hey Claude-Wanted to just say to keep up the good work. Guitar playing is important, and I’m not egomaniacally saying this out of the fact that I play, or you play, it’s just a simple fact-it binds the cultural world together in a unique and uncompromising way that can’t be acknowledged by those few unconscious beings who have, in fact, denied its vast and unwavering prominence….that being said, your carefree yet bold approach to instruct those whose curiosity for the instrument have overtaken their inhibitions to the point where they DESIRE TO LEARN! has, indeed, placed those future 6 string slingers into good hands…. with a man whom, for instance, injects humor into his lessons- along with utilizing a sensible approach to..,well, how about this: Getting one’s head around the F*#!*% gitbox pain-in-the-ass, for starters! ha!….anyway, you’ve been sending me great and helpful ideas for a least a couple of years now. I sincerely promise to get around to buying one of your products soon….laziness, what can I say 😀 P.S. Keep slayin with another chord

Wavatar Mad

Thanks so much for this lesson. Love the song!

Wavatar falconeddy

Thanks, Claude. No Woman No Cry is a soulful old Bob Marley tune and still one of my favorite songs of all time.

Wavatar Gebre Menfes Kidus

Great lesson. Thanks for keeping it simple, and thanks for clarifying everything you are doing in your videos. It really helps me. I love Steve Golding and really want to learn from him, but the videos you’ve posted so far by him are too technically advanced for me. I really, REALLY hope you can get him to make some very basic reggae instructional videos for us simple folks. Reggae is pretty much all I listen to, and I really want to learn how to play it right. Give thanks as always for the wonderful lessons!

Wavatar Darryl Henniker

Easy to folloe lesson. Many thanks!
Darryl Byron Bay Australia

Wavatar Phil cool

Morning Claude
Great video well explained not pompous or condescending man your good

Wavatar Jeremiah

Loved the lesson man, good job. Very easy to follow and well instructed.

Wavatar Jonniegstring

Hi Claude have bought a large packet of guitar DVDs off you recently starting with rule the neck fast brilliant anyway bob Marley I noticed ( I play it anyway) you did it in normal time which was very good could you do show us the reggae time which is played on the ofbeat ie strum down 1 palmmute and strum up play strings 2palmmute and strum up which is the same time you played but your hitting the strings on the offbeat instead of the onbeat which is the reaggie style however try singing it while playing the offbeat and within a few bars I revert back to no the onbeat which is very frustrating I enjoye the lesson though this is not critiscism love your lessons xx

Wavatar Les Broadhurst

Nice one Claude!

Wavatar Barry

Great job another fun lesson. thanks

Wavatar Joseph

Clear and very clear demo. Thanks Claude!

Wavatar aidan

thanks Man I was looking for this Song yesterday. Awesome

keep the lessons comming Claude

Wavatar PatrickM

A suggestion I think will be helpful to many of your followers. You send out quite a few “strictly tab” exercises and or licks. It’s difficult to get a “feel” for (the licks especially), without being able to hear it. A super quick vid or soundbite would be really helpful, keep the interest level up.

Wavatar clifford rhudy

Very good, dug the info and help thanks!

Wavatar jim weasel kingery

the lessons just keep getting better and better – keep on keepin’ on 🙂

Wavatar Terry

Thanks for posting an easy lesson, with NO reverb, distortion, overdrive etc. Nice change.

Wavatar Russ

I’m really enjoying your videos and as soon as funds allow, I plan to purchase your beginning course. Thanks for the great licks.

Wavatar wolf vann

Great song, thanks.

Wavatar Leon Mattinson

thanks very nice

Wavatar krazy

Thanks for all your time Claude your great

Wavatar Trach

Thanks. It’s a nice song and I’ll try to learn and play at party.

Wavatar eric

Love the free lessons! I was wondering if you could ever set your site up for us mobile users? Thanks.


Great lesson.thanks.nice song to do with it like a medley is So Lonely by for me.try it its fun.

Wavatar Russell

all the way from kenya getting you loud en clear

Wavatar jericho

Like your strait on method/hand shots knowledge.
Keep on truckin’

Wavatar MagnumSRT8

Ok, just delete my comments then. I must have said something that you know was correct. Why not just confront me personally if you don’t like what I had to say? After all, isn’t that why there’s a field for my email address. Stop spreading disinformation. I was always taught that if you can’t play a song right, don’t play that song. But hey, that’s just me. Keep doing what you’re doing and taking money from stupid people. Color me gone from you emailing list. Thanks for nothing.


Wavatar MikeT

As for there only being one correct way to play a song thats a bunch of BS. Many interpretations on songs and many people take covers and make them their own some very effectively as well…take Walk off the Earth for instance…creativity rules 🙂

Wavatar Tom 'Ketchfish' Inglis

I’m there with you MikeT – it’s up to the artist to interpret the piece. You can just learn everything note for note as played by the original artist or you can play an inspired interpretation in which you are expressing yourself through the cover song. When I decide I might want to do a cover song, I listen to every version of it I can find, then arrange it to best complement my talents and expertise (or lack thereof some might say).

Wavatar rhixit

You don’t know how grateful I am for these lessons. Someday I’ll play a lick that sounds as good as yours. Much thanks. R