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Recent Comments

admin Apr 28, 2016

Howlin Wolf Blues Song Lesson

I´d recommend you any of Jimmy Dillon´s previous blues lessons, like this one: Regards, Admin.

Randal Marksberry Apr 28, 2016

Howlin Wolf Blues Song Lesson

I am curious in this Howling Wolf lesson, he is about to say if we are interested in more of …

Peter Demarest jr Apr 27, 2016

How to Add a Bebop Flavor to a Minor Pentatonic Scale

Something so simple, sounds good thx for the idea! :-)

Joe Chambers Apr 25, 2016

Adding a Note to Your Pentatonic Scales

Thanks that's a easy addition

Dwayne Apr 25, 2016

Neo Soul Style Chord Progression

Nice. Well worth the look.


how to play the guitar for beginners

how to play the guitar for beginners

August 20, 2015

Hey! CMC here. So, you’ve never picked up a guitar […]

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Mastering Chords and Harmony

Mastering Chords and Harmony

September 9, 2012

Now we’re into the minor 7th chords. The minor 7th […]

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Real Easy Jazz Guitar

jazz guitar online

jazz guitar online

August 13, 2015

Back in the day if you wanted to learn to […]

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silly stuff

Bill and Ted’s crazy ZAMNER time Voyage (Full Movie)

Bill and Ted’s crazy ZAMNER time Voyage (Full Movie)

November 6, 2015

To celebrate the release of our new movie, you can […]

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